World’s Best Skid Steer Loader Manufacturers

Skid steer loaders (SSLs) are multipurpose industrial loaders that are used in construction and landscaping projects. They help the operator perform digging and hauling jobs across the work site. These machines offer zero-degree turn radius, making them suitable for compact areas. Many heavy equipment manufacturers deal in this heavy machinery and are quite famous for their high-quality loaders. This article will share the world’s best SSL producers along with their popular skid steers.

  • Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc. which is the No. 1 heavy equipment manufacturer is popular for producing versatile, powerful, and easy-to-operate skid steers. The company has delivered several high-quality loaders in the last three decades. Caterpillar construction equipment has a brilliant hydraulic system, an intelligent leveling (ILEV) system, and an electronic throttle to boost its performance. The SSL manufacturer holds a huge market share with its different variants. With horsepower between 67 hp to 110 hp, you can easily find a skid steer at any Caterpillar equipment dealer for your project.

  • Bobcat

Bobcat is famous for delivering the first skid steer loader in the market. The company has almost 40% of the skid steer market share, making it the industry giant. Bobcat’s loaders possess a powerful hydraulic system, an enhanced cooling system, a touch display, superior lift arms, and effective weight balance. The equipment manufacturer has delivered 13 loaders in 3 skid steer loader series that include M2-series, M3-series, and R-series. The horsepower ranges between 23.5 hp to 100 hp for the M2 series, 49 hp to 92 hp for the M3 series, and 68 hp to 105 hp for the R-series. With so many features and horsepower options, you can get your skid steer loader quite conveniently.

  • CASE

CASE ranks as one of the biggest heavy equipment manufacturers in the world with a complete line of skid loaders. The company offers 8 skid steers in its SR and SV series. The CASE loaders’ horsepower ranges between 60 hp to 90 hp. These machines are famous for agricultural material handling and landscaping jobs. CASE facilitates its users by providing an auxiliary hydraulic system, engine protection, economy mode, and easy maintenance features in their skid steer loaders.

  • John Deere

From compact to large loaders, from wheeled to tracked models, John Deere offers a wide range of skid steers. These machines help the operator perform several industrial operations using buckets, plate compactors, rollers, grapples, and other heavy-duty attachments. The company distributes its 6 skid steers in two series, the G-series and the GR-series. The SSLs of the G-series offer horsepower between 65 hp to 100 hp while the GR-series machines have a gross horsepower of 65 hp.

  • Kubota

The skid steer line of Kubota includes both tracked and wheeled skid steers. These loaders have a two-speed engine for switching power mode within seconds and an air-suspension seat to provide great comfort to the operator. Their horsepower ranges between 64 hp to 73.4 hp. Kubota skid steers are ideal for operating in compact spaces because they offer great maneuverability. Additionally, they are useful in breaking through heavy obstacles across the job site and other industrial tasks.

  • ASV

ASV ranks among the best skid steer producers in the world. The company started its SSL line in 2008. Later, the brand added some premium-quality loaders to its heavy equipment fleet. ASV divides its skid steer line into two categories, the RS series and the VS series. The horsepower of both loader series is the same i.e., 74.2 hp. These powerful machines offer faster speed, better traction, and good ground clearance to boost productivity during industrial operations.

  • JCB

JCB is known for producing the 1st safest skid steer in the world. The company has four SSLs in its heavy equipment fleet. With over 70 years of existence, the brand has delivered high-quality skid steer loaders across the globe. The horsepower of JCB loaders ranges between 56 hp to 74 hp.

  • New Holland

New Holland is known for producing high-quality heavy equipment. The company launched its first SSL in 1971. Till now, the brand has delivered 6 skid steer loaders that have horsepower between 60 hp to 74 hp.

  • Gehl 

Gehl is famous for manufacturing innovative and reliable heavy machinery. The company has added some high-quality skid steer loaders to its equipment list. Gehl produces both radial lift and vertical lift skid steers. With 11 different loader models, the skid steer lineup includes articulated loaders, track loaders, and telescopic handlers. The horsepower rating lies between 33.1 hp to 70.7 hp for radial lift models and between 71 hp to 72 hp for vertical lift models.


Skid steer loaders are versatile heavy machinery used to perform several industrial applications across the job site. These machines offer excellent maneuverability across compact workspaces. Caterpillar, Bobcat, John Deere, JCB, and Kubota rank among the top-quality skid steer manufacturers in the world.


Christiana Antiga

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